Best Methods For Contractors To Generate Leads In New York

You need to step outside of your comfort level in order to generate a consistent flow of new project leads in New York.

The home improvement marketing process is difficult and time-consuming. Many contractors fall into the trap of buying leads from companies like HomeAdvisor, one of many lead generation outfits who sell homeowner contact information to renovation experts.

The New York home pros I speak with always have the same complaints about these lead services:

  • Lead conversions are significantly low
  • Leads are sold to multiple contractors
  • Homeowner contact information is outdated/incorrect
  • The homeowner already hired a contractor by the time they call

Strategy: Pay-Per-Sale Lead Generation

Buying project leads online has become ineffective because the market is saturated lead generation services who share leads among each other and then sell them to multiple contractors within each network.

Stop buying leads and adopt the pay-per-sale strategy instead.

Developing strategic partnerships in New York is the most cost-effective route to producing a consistent flow of word-of-mouth referrals, and it’s important to display adequate customer service and lead response capabilities.

HomeProDaily helps you build long-lasting relationships with strategic partners, and we DO NOT sell leads. Our vendor contractors bid on projects for free, and pay a “Win-Fee” only for awarded jobs.

Our New York vendor network bids on project assignments for free and pays only for work performed. You can apply for consideration and check out the procedures for vendor contractors first.

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